Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

We put up our Christmas tree last night and I'm feeling the Christmas spirit. The tree looks fantastic, the stockings are up and that was super exciting in itself as it's the first time Caelan's had one. We got him this gorgeous one with a reindeer stuffed toy attached - it's CUTE! The lights are up and it's all pretty, pretty, pretty! I'm really glad Chris is so into it too - we have a gold and ivory themed tree and it's super pretty. We did a side each last night and really got into it with a Christmas carols CD playing, it was nice - we decorated our tree singing carols together. He doesn't even think I'm mad anymore with my desire for everything to be "designed"! LOL He used to though! When we first met he couldn't believe it, but now he just knows - it's a part of me. Everything must be designed to perfection and looks wonderful! LOL I read another designers blog a while ago and he said something about that so it's definitely a designer thing. I do it with everything and Chris is used to it now - doing Caelan's room was sooooo much fun and we both really got into the theme. It's white with silver stars and is just gorgeous! Anyway I do go on. Christmas...

So although I'm now excited there is a part of me that is still irritated by the whole deal. I HATE to do ANYTHING because I have to, I don't respond well to this at all. It sucks because I actually like Christmas and the family times, the great food and the stupidity and excitment that comes with it. But then there's this part of me that gets very pissy at HAVING to do things at a certain time. ARGH! Fuck off!!! I hate the pressure to buy people gifts just because they expect it and they're giving you another useless gift that you hate, only because they also feel they have to. My family Christmas growing up was always about spending the time together and having heaps of fun - we'd all get together and turn into our mad selves. Yeah there were presents but there was no pressure and this wasn't the main thing about Christmas. It was always about family and enjoying each other, and of course eating WAY too much great food! LOL Don't get me wrong I LOVE giving presents, I really, really, really love it. But I love it when you're doing it for someone that you want to do it for and you're doing it because you want to. I get so excited and spend heapsa time making sure it's something they'll love, then I just wanna give it as soon as I see them!

Anyway it's Christmas!! I'm really looking forward to it now :) I'm in the mood and can't wait! Yay for Christmas, yay for family time, yay for good food and yay for the children who love it so!


Blogger Sara with NO H said...

I always feel like I'm missing something when Christmas comes along. I mean being jewish and all. But I guess we have our candles and you have the tree. I should get a tree and run lights around it with lots of tinsel and spray on snow and call it a Chanukah bush. Wanna help? :-D

p.s. I've been so busy and I have a seriously scattered brain the past week, but I really will get to the tag one of these days soon. Promise.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Candles rock!! I'd have a million candles throughout our house if I could - I love them. I want kabillions of different sized white ones everywhere - they give such a magical feeling. It's makes me smiles and breathe deeply just thinking out it. I love them. I swap ya a tree for some candles...? hehehe I'll definitely help ya decorate your tree!

Tis a mad time of the year huh? Hope you're enjoying it - and your new camera.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Saffron!! The pic of the tree is lovely! It's sounds like you had an AWESOME time putting it up and decorating it! I always dream of the perfect this or that and it never seems to quite happen. I downloaded a ton of Christmas songs to listen to while on the computer to put me in the Christmas spirit. It's kinda working. I think my problem is I'm just not happy with where I'm presently living. It is always sooo hot over here! It's December and we are still reaching the 80's!! Pain in the ass weather!! I really hate it! Anyway, enought of that!

I love that you have the desire to design everything!! Super awesome!! I bet your tree is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You have a wonderful family that really cherishes these special times! That is sooo beautiful!

I have a fabulous idea for you! I think you should design your own Christmas ornaments...all of them uniquely different and sell them!! I think this is a fabulous idea!! I would love to own one to place on my tree....designed by Saffron! Earlier this December, I purchased a couple of glass ornaments from some gentleman from Canada! I also purchased a Glass Christmas Tic Tac Toe game from them. It's really pretty! They are presently Winter Texans. I had fun chatting with one of the guys! Very cool guy! Anyway, here's the link if you want to check it out .... Although they just have a sample of their work shown on the site. I think they were just playing around and since it was a Christmas event decided to throw in a couple of ornaments in the day of the Dias Festivos Christmas event. Awesome for me because that's exactly what I was looking for! They made my day!

Take care always Saffon!! Thanks for sharing!

I know SANTA knows how extremely NICE you are and he is going to be extra good to you and your family this year!!

SANTA is on his way! I can already here the sleighbells in the distance!



Bye!, ; )


9:44 AM  
Blogger CJ said...

We havent even got our tree up!! Waaaaaah! :( Went to buy one last night but they'd all gone to bed (well ok it was after 8:30!) so we thought we'd hit the Warehouse to get some decorations (all mine are down at Scotts folks place so good excuse for new stuff) but the friggen Warehouse had a sale recently (nobody told me about it) and everything was discounted to buggery and has sold! We went to 2 different stores and there was NOTHING. We managed to buy 1 x packet of that silver icicle stuff that you throw at the tree. Very Very very sad and I want to cry just thinking abou it! Scotts finished up school now and is home - do ya think there will be a tree there when i get home tonight?? LOL!

Anyways - as for everything having to be "designed" - it could be a crab thing? I cant sleep at night knowing something isnt "in its place" or looking just right. We painted the other weekend as you know and i stayed up till heaven knows what time re-painting the frame around the mirror in the bathroom so it matched the friggen towels!! LOL!

Anyways - well done you on the special Christmas feeling. Ive only got "Olivia Newton Johns Christmas CD" - its crap but it will do. Gunna put it on tonight and rub christmas mince pies all over myself! :P

9:24 AM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Hi Sandra :) It's not fair is it? I'm not happy where we're living either - we both HATE it actually and it really does get ya down sometimes huh? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas anyway - even though you may melt!! I have a great idea on how to combat the heat - make 42 Below Fejoa Vodka (New Zealand's own amazing vodka) slushies. Delish! Or the 42 Below Passionfruit vodka makes wonderful slushies too :)

hehe Perhaps ornaments is something I should look into as well! That glass stuff is awesome - I love the shellworks and dragonfly (just love dragonflies!!). I bet the decorations are great - would love to see a pic if you wanna post one on yr blog.

You're so lovely Sandra - thanks heaps. Tell Santa to give us a house with land for the horses (or a winning lotto ticket will do!!) hehe. We're not doing presents for the grown-ups as it just too expensive, so pressies are just for the kids, but it's all about spending time together and enjoying each other. YAY!!

Oh poor CJ!! :( You're right it is probably a crab thing as well as a designer thing! Good lord no wonder I'm so spastic with it - I've got a double whammy! Hope you sort your tree problem, remember there's the bag of decorations and lights here for you if you want em :) Can't have you guys decorationless! xox

9:12 AM  
Blogger Sara with NO H said...

Popped in to with you and your a merry christmas hun. AND I finally did that tag. It really is hard to think of things that are weird about yourself...

5:48 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Saffron!! Hey girlie!! You are sooo super awesome!! I just love reading your resposes to my comments...heehee! : ) Awesome!!...I will definitely try your idea on how to combat the heat...YUMMY!! Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks! I too believe you are so lovely and sweet! Pressies for the kids is what we did as well. I spent Christmas in San Antonio with my family and we had a lovely time! Yay...the weather was great!...not hot at all.

Take care always!,


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! advance...heehee! : )

8:27 PM  

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