Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Second weigh-in and measures

It was sprung on us early! ARGH!!! And I didn't have time to not eat anything for the days leading up to it or run around the block fifty million times. I was mentally unprepared. Not to mention the woopsy's in the diet that I needed time to rectify [woopsy's = chips n' dip, wine and too many sausages at BBQ in the weekend and pizza on Sunday night, large servings of everything during the week, Bayleys, and extra helpings ALL THE TIME. Woopsy's = MAJOR woopsy's]. Sooooo how did I go you ask... Well not too badly all woopsy's considered, not too badly at all. I lost another 2.6kg in 2 and a half weeks so that's pretty good huh? I know it could have been better and that's what I'm not really happy about - I know I slipped so it definitely could have been better. My measurements weren't as good as the last 16.5cm total loss either, this time it was a 9.5cm loss. But I'm happy, cause it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. By no means does this mean that I'm now thinking I've done well and I'm just gonna move back into Woopsyland. No way hozzay, I'm extra determined to give it my all for the last half of this challenge. I have four and a half weeks left to really get into it and be strict with myself. Watch out Elle Macpherson I'll be stealing your title soon! ;) hehe Just call me The Body. LOL


Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Saffron!! You go, girl!! Elle who?? She doesn't have nothin' on you...heehee!! Take care and Good Luck!! Bye!! ; )

7:25 PM  
Blogger moggie said...

well done, saffron (i mean...The Body). i have complete faith in Will complete your programme and be proud that you did it. like sandra said....Elle who?! ; )

11:33 PM  
Blogger Saffron said...

hehe Thanks guys!!

10:11 AM  
Blogger Bonnie B said...

Way to go! See sometimes we can have a few Whoopsies and still lose-- Good for you!

2:43 AM  

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