Monday, October 02, 2006

A sunset walk around the Panmure Basin

Such sights to see! It started off with a naughty cat trying to break into the bird santuary - he didn't give a stuff that he'd be caught on camera, we could nearly hear his chant "Must catch birds. Must catch birds. Must catch birds." Alas, someone had thought this might happen and after a pretty damned determined effort he left with an empty belly and obvious disappointment.

Then there was the leaping fish - I shit you not! I'd just taken off the 300mm lense and was packing it away when Chris said "LOOK! A flying fish!!!". I couldn't believe my eyes. There it was... a fish leaping through the air - for ages!!! I'd never seen this before in my life and was super duper excited. LOL Chris was more amused at me than the leaping fish. I was soooo bummed that I'd just changed lenses and thought it bloody typical! But change back I did. We waited. No leaping fish. Waited. Waited. Got sick of waiting and decided to call them "Come on fishy!" at the top of my lungs. LO AND BEHOLD it leapt out of the water at my call. Of course I was looking through the lense when I called and couldn't find it. Took camera away, found it, put camera back to face and it disappeared. ARGH! Looking. Waiting. No leaping fish. Waiting. Looking. Waiting. Stuff it - "COME ON FISHY!!!". Back he comes! I love this fishy. Finally I got a photo of him - it's not good by any stretch of the word but I've seen leaping fish and I got the photo to prove it.

The rest of the walk wasn't so exciting (though it was damned funny catching silly husband walking with his pants down as I rounded a corner way behind him after taking photos! Wont post that one though). Lovely walk and the sunset was just gorgeous.


Blogger moggie said...

i Really like the 3rd shot of this series. (the one with the power cables) well done!

3:43 AM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Thanks Moggie! :)

11:33 AM  
Blogger Divemuster said...

Hi Saffron. Dropped by after following a link. You have some very good photos here.

I know how you must have felt waiting for the leaping fish. They seemed to have some instinct telling them to do 'kodak-moments' when the camera is not on hand or when we're not ready. Still, you have a decent shot of it.

Oh, and I love those sillouette shots. Georgous!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Saffron said...

Thanks for the compliment Divemuster. You're so right about the instict!!! It's always the way huh? Damn it all! hehehe

9:00 AM  

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