Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm a lover

I wanted to say "I'm a lover, not a fighter", but anyone that knows me knows it just aint true! I did kickboxing for godsake and it wasn't even just for fitness. I got in the ring and fought. I hurt people. Therefore, said phrase really doesn't apply. But I am a lover - I love my husband, I make love to my husband = lover. I love Caelan so much, he's an amazing little thing - hehe thing! That thing is my son, that's still weird - but we'll get into that one a bit later wont we? Yes. I'm so worried about him, I love him so much that I check him before I go to bed when I'm worried, I'm not a neurotic mother but my lord he's had his fair share of problems and this has scared me. Perhaps I would have been like this anyway. I have no way of knowing. But to open his door feeling scared and anxious when he's unwell and to hear his shakey breath brings the most overwhelming feeling of love = I'm a lover. I realise it wasn't originally written in that sense but hey I love therefore I am a lover. I love my family and friends, I don't see them much but they're always on my mind and in my heart, they mean so much to me = lover. I love Toa - he's the most gorgeous, funny, character-filled dog ever = lover. I think we've established that I'm a lover. And a fighter :)


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