Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Design, design, design...

I've been pretty busy lately - a lot of design work. Which is great! Had a redesign and freshen up of a brochure, some advertisements and I've just completed a brand and identity development for a new company called Belly Beyond, this was a pretty big project starting with logo and moving on through all their corporate stationary to packaging and promotional items. It was great, heaps of fun and the client was thrilled with everything! YAY! I'm now working on a big rebrand, they're totally different companies which keeps things exciting. I wont say too much about that one as it's a work in progress, but will post more about it once it's all been approved. Just getting back into it all after having our second baby three weeks ago.

I've embedded my design slideshow from my Viewbook (which is where I direct potential clients to view my work) below - this shows some of the Belly Beyond work. Take a look there if you're interested, as I can't be arsed posting photos here too! hehe


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