Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Design portfolio updated

I haven't updated anything in a while and seriously need to. So I've started! Horray!! I've recently updated the graphic design samples within my Imagine. Creative online portfolio. Here it is:

I've added some of my recent branding projects: Maternal Touch, The Sexy Bookshop and Solequine. More to come but it's a start right? Will get onto updated the photography as well.

Oh and we've just recently received our first Queensberry album package too. It's gorgeous!! It's always scary changing suppliers, but this was made so easy by the fantastic follow-up and confirmation emails and phone calls from the lovely Queensberry folk. It really instills confidence in their service when you're not left wondering what the hell is going on and if they even received the job. Thanks Queensberry! You guys rock. I've found the change over so easy and way less scary than it could have been. Production was a lot quicker than expected too, which was fantastic. Gotta say though I was a little frigtened when I went up the driveway, on my way to a shoot, and found the box just sitting at the gate. Gulp. That's someone's very expensive wedding album just sitting there at the gate. At the very least the courier could have bought it down our 500m driveway and left it at the house gate, rather than right at the road. Luckily all was ok though and the bride was thrilled with it. HORRAY!


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