Sunday, August 24, 2008


Why do you love Photojunction Remix some of you ask. What is PJ Remix the rest of you ask. WELL! It's a fantastic little program that enables me to design albums faster and better than I ever thought possible. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a die-hard Photoshop lover and user - this was how I did album pages previously and I thought it was the most efficient and effective way. Was I wrong! I was dubious at first, but being that I have to try anything once, I gave it a go. And I have never looked back! At first it was Photojunction Retro, which was good, but now Photojunction Remix *whit whew!* - fanfreakintastic! It has really sped up my workflow - like halved the amount of time I'm at the computer designing each album, actually lets be brutally honest it's probably quartered it!

But I don't feel like a traitor to Photoshop - they work seamlessly together (and really Photoshop was never intended to be used for album design... Photojunction was!). It's so easy - you drag and drop your images from the library into the album, a simple resize, layer as appropriate and voila! an album page. Well there's a bit more to it but basically that's it. There are also templates available - which to be honest, I haven't looked at, let alone used. But I'm sure they're great too! I work from scratch each time and love this (well with my design background you aren't surprised are ya?) - and most importantly I am not restricted in any way. Which was a lot of the reason I was dubious when I first came across Retro, but, although it was clunkier than Remix, I was still able to do what I wanted (most of the time!). Though, now with Remix I'm not swearing as much! LOL It's so easy for client proofing and changing images if need be - simple pimples and no drama. Truly, I love it! Any photographer who does albums and hasn't used it, really should, go on click here to download the free demo and have a play. You will love it too. Also, click here to check out the Photojunction Blog for heaps of great information and tips.

The following are album pages design in Photojunction that I've posted in the past, but had to post again.


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