Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm a saint

Well of course I'm not actually a saint but I do think I'm a good person - well I try anyway! I think of others, I try not to hurt others and I think of others. I know I've said that, but I don't think you understand - I really think of others, when talking and doing anything I'm constantly thinking of how it may make others feel. I try word everything carefully so as not to offend or risk things being taken the wrong way. Well not ALWAYS but I do this most of the time, it's something that is part of me and I'm always aware of. Of course it doesn't always work!! Well you can't anticipate how others will interpret things, but I try my best in my way to avoid yuckness. I think this is a saintly quality. Of course I don't go to church or worship God (I don't even know what I believe as far as this is concerned - I believe there's a higher being, I don't know if I believe it's what most people think it is and what the bible says. I could really get into this and go on but I wont), I can't be a saint in that sense. I care for others - animals and people. I've been a volunteer counsellor for the Domestic Violence Crisisline and fuck that was hard - it was heartbreaking actually but I wanted to do it because these women and children needed my help. I've been a volunteer for the SPCA for years - loved it! Well I didn't love going in early on a Saturday morning after a hard night of "sinning" hehe, feeling ugh to be greeted by the sweet smell of cooked dog diarrhea - mmmmm nice. The concrete floors are heated and these dogs aren't used to being fed and suddenly they're getting food, this causes the most horrendous bum wees, which then sits on the heated concrete overnight to make the most vile smell (after lion shit! Which yes, I do know firsthand from when I worked for the circus, but that's anyother story!). Anyway I did this for three years because I knew it was making a difference to the dogs lives, they needed it. I know that someone who truely wants to help and make a difference does it without anyone knowing, without recognition for what they've done, that's a truly selfless act. Hardly anyone knew I did these things, it wasn't stuff I openly talked about or even just told anyone, people who'd known me for years would find out somehow and be shocked as they had no idea and thought they knew me really well. I did these things because I wanted to help the people and animals that need it most. That's pretty saintly isn't it? hehe See!!! I'm a saint! ;)


Blogger Sidney said...

You are a good person!
And those horns looks good on you! ;-)

I was send by the Queer Chef! He says HELLO to you!

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