Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weddings, weddings, weddings

We've been so busy with weddings lately. We had two in February and two in March as well as one a month since September - as a rule I think we should stick to one a month because it's crazy otherwise!! I'll post properly on them once I have a bit of breathing space, but while going through and editing the second to last one we had I found this photo. I think it's a great one of Chris getting down with the bride and groom. This is from the stunningly gorgeous Anne-Maree and Brendon's wedding. They we such a GOOD LOOKING wedding party, it really does make our job that much easier. As well as being freakishly good looking they were also heaps of fun and really alive and vibrant - this also makes fantastic photos, not to mention making it heaps of fun for us too. They were great - thanks guys!

I'm also still really busy with my design work. I'm still working on The Sexy Bookshop - actually that's nearly finished. Just a few final bits to do on the website as well as design an HTML e-newsletter and then I think that's it. Lisa has been such a great client to work for, I now consider her a friend. I love our phone conversations and am gonna love meeting her in person for the first time next month! That's pretty exciting - we've been working together for a year now and have never met, with her living in Granity (the west coast in the middle of the South Island) it just hasn't been possible. But she's coming up to Auckland and we meet soon - horray! As well as The Sexy Bookshop work I've got a few projects on the go with other clients and have more quotes to send out. One being for tattoo design - that'll be heaps of fun, though that client is also out of Auckland, she's in Wellington, so we'll have talk on the phone lots as well. I have a lot of product photography coming up and to quote on as well. So busy, busy, busy. Just gotta get this cloning right! hehe

Michelle & Josh's Album

This was done a while ago but I'm updating the online portfolio and thought I'd post this here as well. I've posted a few spreads from this album in a previous post but here's the entire album. Just click on each page to move to the next :)