Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toodles for a while

Just a quicky to say goodbye to yawl in blogland for a while till we get the computer set-up in the new place. Could be some time cause there's a lot to do on the shed before it's an office. I'll miss you guys! :( Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and much appreciated encouragement on my design and photography etc.

Also, I've just started a blog for the farm - thought I'd keep this one as my artistic (design, photography, painting, writing etc - artistic is a broad term you know! hehe) outlet. So if ya wanna check out the pics of it, the blog is listed under my Profile and called Gone Country. I haven't had a chance to design a template for it yet so it looks horrid - please forgive me! See you guys when I'm back online.

Smiles n' light to all.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

We're goin' country!

I wont be posting for a while cause we're moving shortly. I've been busily tidying up any design jobs I've got and starting the long and arduous task of packing! ARGH!!! We're moving from a huge 4 bedroom house to a tiny weeny 2 bedroom shit-hole but the most appealing thing about it is it's in the country! AND has 22 acres of it's own. We're so looking forward to living on the farm and getting Caelan's miniature horses down from up north and having them right there with us, we can walk out the front door and call the horses. HORRAY! We've be scrubbing it as it's INCREDIBLY rundown, like really, really, really fucking rundown. Most would call us mad but we're just excited. We move on the 28th - the weekend after next! And have already spent heaps of time out there tidying up the farm of all the rubbish (my lord there's rubbish!) and scrubbing the filthy little house. My hands are red, sore and swollen from all the bleach and Easy-Off BAM, which I've decided needs to be renamed Fucking Hard-Off BAM. It's gonna be great. But due to all of this I haven't been able to post that often and it will cease completely for a while cause we wont have an office set up for some time, well until we convert one of the sheds into and office and sleepout. But the house is first and boy oh boy does it need work! But we can't wait. It's gonna be heapsa work and horrible right before winter but it'll be so worth it. Chris and I will be getting a horse each, as well as a milking cow and we've already sorted out the battery hens we'll be saving from their horrible life mass producing eggs in horrendous conditions. I've also contacted a local animal saving place (hehe can't remember it's official name you see) and told them that we'll be open to re-homing any rescued badly treated livestock, as they often save pigs, sheep, cows etc. from cruel homes. It'll be so awesome to be able to do that and give them a good home. Horray for going country! Since it was all finalised about 3 or 4 weeks ago I've constantly been singing "Movin to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches" cause it's got a peach tree and every time we've been out there I eat a peach. Though today there was none so I'd say that's the end of peach season. Ah well the feijoa tree was full so they'll be ripe in a week or so I'd say. Today we worked out where the vegetable and herb garden is going and where we'll put the chook house - they'll be freerange but they'll have a nice house for shelter and roosting and laying us nice eggies. Horray for going country!!!!

I keep meaning to take the camera out but haven't managed to remember so far! Will post pics soon so you can see how mad we are! LOL It's aweful but we can see the potential and all the hard work will be so worth it for the lifestyle. And and and the country school just up the road is known to be one of the best country schools in the whole of New Zealand. YAY! They only have 80 students - that's just so super exciting!! Can't wait. I have always wanted my kids (even before I had any) to grow up in the country, going to a nice country school that we're involved in. YAHOOO! Though we can't get broadband there - this scares the shit outta me!! LOL I'm gonna go on a mission once we're in, go around and introduce myself to the neighbours with fresh baking and ask them to sign something saying they want broadband. LOL I figure if we get enough in the area that Telecom will put in an exchange to enable this. I'll bloody make em! Until that happens though my posts will have to be one word or photo at a time, dial-up can't handle much more than that, my patience definitely can't anyway! Bed calls anyway, ni-night. Will post picks of our farm once I've taken some - it's a shame I didn't get any before we started tidying and cleaning. Ah well, it's still horrible now! LOL Bye.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Surfboard design reposted

As requested here's my entry into the competition again :)

It was a competition for a surfboard design for a new range of women's surfboards to be made and released here in New Zealand. The winner would win a surfboard with their design on - VERY COOL! I would have absolutely loved a surfboard with my design - it's been many, many years since I last surfed and that would have been so good to get back into it. They're not cheap surfboards! Ah well.

I took the photo of lily's from a bunch that my wonderful Chris got me and the two koru in the shape of a heart represents us and our love (similar to our wedding bands that I designed as well). The koru is an integral symbol in Maori design, it's a stylised newborn, unfurling fern frond and symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Commonly known to represent new beginnings.