Tuesday, September 05, 2006


A few of my paintings...


I love Pohutukawa trees, these are also known as New Zealand's native Christmas tree because of the bright red blooms which decorate the trees during the Christmas/summer season. They trigger memories of long, hot summer days and fun times spent with family and friends. Chris and I were also married on the beach next to one of these magnificent trees. They just feel like good times to me.


The Saffron flower - of course I'd have to paint this flower huh? hehe Saffron is the most expensive item you can buy based on weight - more expensive than gold (one of my favourite things to say when drunk! LOL). Approximately 150000 flowers are needed for one kilogram of dried saffron. The most precious spice in the world. Well aint that nice? hehe I was painting this for myself but a friend who was moving back to London guilt-tripped me into giving it to him - thanks Viren!


I loved this piece. I painted the canvas first and then used a knife to put little holes throught the painting and pushed fairy lights through these, each light waas held in place with silicon and then I put a backing board on it. There was a control box on the back with which the lights were controlled - I preferred them all on but a lot of people prefered the alternating, dancing lights. There's a lot of sadness around this piece, I'd found a buyer for it (wasn't actually sure I wanted to sell though!), before any of it could go through the gallery curator disappeared without giving me my painting (as well as some other bits and pieces of mine). All were sold at auction to make up some of the money lost by the Real Estate company. It sucked and I tried really hard to get it back but couldn't :(


A small red koru diptych. The koru symbolises new beginnings, life, growth and movement.


Toi toi swaying in the summer breeze - it's a typical New Zealand beach!


This is my favourite piece - it's huge and was done for above my bed. It's the width of a queensize bed and looks great cause the room is themed in an aubergine colour.


Blogger kylie nicholson said...

hey chick they are pictures .. the pohutakawa trees really made me reminise about home. that toy toy pic is amazing - defo my fav. keep it hun your've an amazing talent. luv k xxx

6:33 AM  
Blogger Tanya said...

Im so sorry your most excellent painting got sucked into the abyss :)
You can have my small light sculpture if you like.. its a bit smashed and bashed from rolling around in the back of the car though..

6:05 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

Hello from Los Angeles! Thank you for your comments on my blog. Your paintings are awesome-- I like Blossoming and Summer Breeze. And of course, Saffron!

12:50 PM  

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